sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

50 razões que fazem do inverno em NYC espectacular!

Cari ragazzi!!

Deixo-vos as minhas preferidas...

1. The way it feels when you dressed exactly right for the cold and you're oh-so-snuggly in your enormous coat and insulated long johns.

20. With everyone wearing so many layers, creepy people on the subway are now unable to get close enough to be properly creepy. Thanks, T-shirt, sweater, hoodie, giant coat, scarf and mittens. Really, thanks.

6. The beautiful silence that descends upon New York after a heavy snowfall. 

23. The breathtaking beauty of Central Park after a snowstorm. And sliding down a snowy hill on the lunch trays that somehow magically appear.

3. Whiskey tastes approximately nine million times better when the temperature drops below freezing outside. And hey, you're just keeping warm.

7. You can just eat everything and know that your massive winter coat will cover all evidence of your gluttony.

12. Snow day!

31. You can now hit up your lucky friends with fireplaces to host parties (or just have you over for a drink).

45. The Charlie Brown "Christmas Time Is Here" song plays on a loop in your brain.

50. Taking in that view from the Manhattan Bridge on a quiet N train, Starbucks warming your hands, makes everything okay.

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